Quaife Rocket box (E-type) to MGB?

Neil Verity

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I have a Quaife 4-speed rocket, dog box (E-type) that I would like to fit to my HP MGB..... Anyone know of someone that could help with a bellhosuing, or adaptor plate to fit the 2 together. I know this has been done in the past (Taylor Racing for instance).. but can't seem to find any leads today.. Any help would be appreciated...

#83 HP MGB

Where are you located?

I did this a year or two ago for a Triumph.
There are online CAD tools and instant online-quote, quick-turn prototype machine shops that are part of the solution.

Do you have the attachment drawing for the front end of the Rocket?

Small Rocket.JPG
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the reply... nice looking GT6-Quaifebox conversion. No, I do not have the front drawings for the rocket box. Can they be found on line or? I'm in San Antonio... so not far from Scott Youngs shop up in the Dallas area... You mentioned a few on-line resources that may be helpful.... Any thoughts on them?

Go to Scott Young at Scott Young Enterprises, 972-737-8047. He's the former operations manager at Taylor Racing, which is not a figment of it's former self. He does everything that has to do with gear boxes. E-mail: [email protected]. Been going to him after Tayor crashed and couldn't be happier with his service and work.

Thanks everyone,

I found Hi-gear engineering in the UK sells an aluminum bell housing that will work with a Quaife (E-type) rocket box.

My adapter was made in the UK under a different brand but you might have found the basic manufacturer that built them. Ours is fitting the 4 speed T-4 to the Spridget engines. It is what's called the "Rocket Box" with the Quaife gears.