March 25-26 CMP Double SARRC

Steve Eckerich

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Registration is open for the March 25-26 Race at CMP. This race was going to be cancelled so we worked with SCR to take the weekend and keep a race on the schedule for our part of the division. Given historic turnout we condensed groups slightly and brought in the Driverz Cup FV series to help out. We are offering a lot of track time with a Practice, Qualifier, and SARRC race Saturday, as well as a 1 hour Enduro. Sunday you get a Practice, Qualifying race, and a 30 minute SARRC. Please spread the work and support the weekend if you can.
New owners have made a lot of upgrades in the past 2 years with new premium pavement that is easy on tires and extended to runoff areas. Impound and other paddock areas paved, electrical and RV hookups updated. If you have not been to CMP in a while you will be happy with changes. ... gTy9ZRpo5Q