April 2024 Fastrack Discussion

I certainly didn't know that one had to be able to respond to a question from the Flagtronics unit.

I have no structure that is in or near line of sight and reachable while belted.

I can:
Buy a digital dash and mount to steering wheel. (not sure if button press on dash can talk to Flagtronics)
Buy a steering wheel with integral display and buttons. (not sure if button press on digital steering wheel can talk to Flagtronics)
Mount Flagtronics on stalk to place it within reach.
Use some remote "OK" button (yet to be designed and implemented) that is mounted with all of my switches.

What other options?
I got to enjoy a presentation on Flagtronics at the CenDiv spring training - this is a very very good thing to have in the race car folks. Yes, it is one more thing to need to have - but it is worth it.