2023 HP Nationwide Points Championship - Standings, Prizes

Jason Stine

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The 2023 H Production Nationwide Points Championship standings and door prizes will be announced on this thread throughout the season. Also, stay tuned for the launch of our new website next month!!

Official Rules will be posted here soon. Exact dollar amounts for payout will be determined after driver registration closes on 3/31

Sign up here --> https://forms.gle/WHuh2tQTWzsgbZvZ8
Points standings as of 8/23

Overall top 10 is below:

1. Chris Schaafsma - 318.5 - 7 races
2. Will Perry - 298.5 - 8 races
3. Scott Hileman - 288.5 - 8 races
4. Enrik Benazic - 287 - 6 races
5. Matthew Benazic - 276.5 - 8 races
6. Mike Ogren - 249.5 - 6 races
7. Angus Crome - 243 - 10 races
8. Jerry Oleson - 237 - 6 races
9. Stephanie Funk - 220.5 - 10 races
10. James Rogerson - 201.5 - 6 races

Regional only points standings

1. Jose Fabian - 131 - 5 races
2. Matt Brannon - 99 - 2 races
3. John Salisbury - 66 - 2 races
4. David Boles - 65 - 2 races
5. Michael Macqueen - 65 - 3 races

Top 3 for Rookie of the Year

1. Jose Fabian - 131 - 5 races
2. Justin Ingram-Paci - 125.5 - 4 races
3. James Palmer - 30 - 2 races

*** Reminder - Regional points must be submitted via link on website, or emailed to HPNPC email address. Having some issues with the website - will resolve soon


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Points updated 3/31. It's about to get interesting with the NEDIV opening it's season this weekend and GLD opening theirs in two weeks.
Reminder... regional points need to be submitted for proper points to be awarded.

Standings updated after Summit majors.
I can't do the runoffs at VIR. I'm Chair SOM for one of the courts again. Sort of hard to do both. If possible I'll do the end of the year race. AND the Civic spit two wrist pin snap rings at Atlanta. My first time to drive it since before even Riley started driving it. Just started to catch on to how to drive it again when things went south on me.

James R.
Sorry to hear James! Hope you have it back together and make the Invitational at Mid Ohio in August! We're trending to have 40 HP cars there, so it'll likely be even bigger than the Runoffs for our class!
We just use the normal H-Production facebook page. No need for more pages/cutter there.

For a website: http://www.hpnpc.com is up and running. It's brand new as of Mid-March, and will be a WIP throughout the year as we add features, etc.
Maybe you could organize our National Championship ? .
Lets vote on a track and race protocol . Late in the year. 2 P and Q sessions, 3 races, low points wins .
Pitt Race ?
Not VIR, Not Mid O, not Road America, Not Daytona .
Maybe Sebring, Pitt, Road Atlanta, ??
Now there's an idea! What did you have in mind Mike? How about Watkins Glen?

Keep in mind we would need to piggy back off another event otherwise we'd have a $5,000 entry fee :lol:
HPNPC points are now updated on the website. Also included are the excel file to download, so you can verify your race finishes. A new feature allows you to click a button to submit regional race results! Just click it, fill out a few pieces of info, and upload a photo or PDF with the results!

Reminder - it is the racers responsibility to submit regional race results as there are far too many to track with only 1 person being the points keeper... Please check the points file and if you don't see your race posted, submit the results!
It is with great pleasure that I officially announce the 2023 H-Production Nationwide Points Championship Rookie of the Year and winner of a new Road Keeper camera from Race-Keeper… It was a unanimous decision from the HPNPC board…

Congrats to Jose Fabian!!!