2023 H Production Nationwide Points Championship Registratio

Jason Stine

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Just realized I hadn't posted this here despite registration being open a month now. Apologies for those who didn't see this yet...

Registration is now open for the 2023 H Production Nationwide Points Championship!!!

Going to keep the entry fee at $50 for next year. If you wish to make additional contributions to the series (money, services, or product) they are always welcome! As are any additional sponsorship opportunities.

We are developing a website for the series and all things H-Production related. Points updates will be here, as well as race info, newsletters, classifieds, etc. Should be a lot better than the myriad of Facebook posts or endless emails...

We had 78 entrants in the series in 2022... let's make it even bigger and get to 100 in 2023! Help recruit new racers local to your region/division!!!

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/cEfPiN2JPiaUxKZW8

Bump. Reminder that reg closes 3/31.

Also... The brand new HPNPC website will be launching on the eve of the Road Atlanta Super Tour next month!! We will be adding to it as the season progresses, but the initial launch will be coming soon. If you plan on running the 2023 HPNPC and want to be included on the website, you will need to register (Google form is in previous post, or send me an email if you’re a returning member) before 2/28.

Webmaster Brian Heffron has designed something absolutely amazing for our championship. Can’t thank him enough.