13” Miata wheels

Bill Meyer

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Want a set of 4. 13x8 (or 7”) for my 94 autox car. Bassett steelies are about 16# each: I’m wanting lighter. And cost effective. Maybe Shipped to central Missouri.
I have a set(4) of 13x8 three piece aluminum wheels that I ran on my 87 MR2. If I remember correctly they weigh about 9 lbs each, maybe 8. There was another brand(Kaiser maybe?) that was about 1 pound lighter but were notorious for leaking past an o-ring that sealed the 2 halves. These use a bead of RTV to seal the halves. Backspacing is 4.5 inches.

They currently have a very old(15-20 years old) set of Hoosier on them.

I'm in the Denver CO area, so shipping shouldn't be to crazy.

Make me a reasonable offer and they could be yours.


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