Heartland Park closing.


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I saw a post that Heartland Park is closing at the end of the season. High property taxes pushed them out.


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Maybe the owner should have appealed the property taxes they didn't agree with, rather than just not pay them, and take the county to court (who said go use the process).

There is more to this than is being shared I'd bet.

To bad, I never got to race there...
chois":3l6cwb87 said:
Maybe the owner should have appealed the property taxes they didn't agree with, rather than just not pay them, and take the county to court (who said go use the process).

There is more to this than is being shared I'd bet.

To bad, I never got to race there...


Most of the track owners we've had here at Heartland have just been it to suck it dry for money. Usually only putting money into it when it HAS to get done. It's a shame. This track and facility has/had the potential of being a really "have to go" to track. It just never happened.

Does this county like to raise property taxes? Yes, however we've really been lucky to have undervalued property values in this county for a loooong time.
Ignoring the taxes you owe for 6-7 years doesn't solve anything and now the owner is crying he's being treated unfairly. I call bs personally. He could have done a lot with this piece of property. Hell it's probably acre wise as big or bigger than elkhart lake believe it or not. It's just not being used to it's potential. Never has. A shame.
Hopefully someone will buy it soon and we can go back there again.

What will our MiDiv race schedule look like now though? Just Hallett, Ozarks and Gateway?
I think Tom Feller has the right idea. Look at what the San Francisco Region has done with Thunderhill.
SCCA could hire a track manager to run the track and build it up. The revenue from the NHRA event alone should be enough to carry the taxes.
To late. For 2024 the NHRA has already committed to the new Flying H track being built in Odessa, MO (just east of Kansas City, MO. on I-70)
Shelby Development is currently 1.332 million in delinquent taxes on the property. The total due is 1.478 million. They haven't paid taxes since 2016. A tax
lien sale seems to be in the making. This would be a great investment for SCCA Inc to provide a venue for its members. Road race, autocross, car shows
whatever it takes to create a positive cash flow. I am sure the national office has the talent to make it go. Let them generate bonds for purchase, I'm in.
rick haynes":27zduoef said:
Do you really think it is wise to put a potentially money-losing business in the hands of the SCCA BOD?
You seem to be insinuating this philosophy is a new concept for them? :mrgreen:
Seems that SCCA has been doing this for generations. Continually putting on venues that appeal to the members as a whole but lose money.
Isn't SCCA a non-profit ? Different rules,different agendas but in the end don't they leave a smile on your face ? If not maybe you ought to
become a member of the banking industry, make a series of bad investments and wait for the government to bail you out. And go back and do
it again in 10 years. Is that making money ?
What I am saying is your $130 membership fee as well as your $700 race entry fee is the price of play. It isn't giving you more than a smile on your face.
Is the SCCA perfect , no such animal. They are not here to make a dollar, just fill a niche.
I agree with many of your comments, SCCA and its members do have a good history of serving amateur racing, putting on road racing
and solo events. Also managing the insurance and licensing responsibilities required, all proper functions for a group like SCCA and supported by the members dues and for the overall members benefit. {keeping in mind that most of the event work is done at the regional level] But history also shows that when the national office strays from those core responsibilities, that is when the problems start and the money is lost. Like when race cars are built and subsidized for the benefit of a very few members and pro racing is subsidized for even fewer members. Both these actions have cost the dues-paying members of SCCA millions of dollars with no discernable benefits to them.

And now this record makes you think race track ownership and management with all the associated financial risk is a good fit for the national office to get into?
As I sit here having watched NASCAR management of Sebring over the years and getting to know the people directly involved, I can tell you SCCA doesn't have the manpower or money (our money) to pull off owning a track. I just wish they would get back to taking care of their membership like they used to.

I don't know about the National SCCA office... but NorCal and SoCal SCCA each built, own, operate and turn a profit running Thunderhill and Buttonwillow respectively. Perhaps regional management/operation is the key... of course these tracks were built 20-30+ years ago when I assume things were cheaper and easier to pull-off. Both tracks still going strong today

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Yes, I see where you are coming from. I have read many of your posts, I have done my own research and I am aghast at some of the financial decisions
that SCCA Inc. has made in the past. But I feel that no action is going to lead to yet another race track becoming an Amazon distribution center.
SCCA Inc. is a 401(c)(4) non profit corporation. It has the abilities to make a not profitable entity profitable by its tax advantages. Shelby Enterprises has made it clear that the current tax appraisal has been such a burden as to make the current venue insolvent. In most localities a non profit can have many property tax advantages (reduced or no taxes) that could make this very doable . Don't know how that works in Topeka.
I have to think back to why SCCA Inc moved to Topeka,KS. I seem to remember some rumor that this track was supposed to be the home track for the runoffs,
correct me if I am wrong.
The Runoffs were at Heartland 3 times, in my opinion the east coast majority hated towing to Kansas, and that was the end of that. From Colorado
Ive towed to Atlanta, Mid Ohio, Road America,Hpt,Indianapolis,Laguna Seca,Sears Point, (missed Daytona)and VIR,many times for the Runoffs.
I'll go wherever its held. Very glad the tow fund came back, at VIR for the first time it actually covered my van's fuel cost. I'd love for it to come back to the western half of the country, but completely understand the reasons it's unlikely.