'59 Austin Healey Sprite HP Race Car

Bob Hess

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1275 full race engine, Ford T-4 Quaife geared transmission, 3,9 LS rear gear, double wishbone front suspension, coil over rears, disc brakes all around, Accusump. Pictures and info sheet available. Contact: bobnandy1@ bellsouth.net. $14,000. Car in Florida. Will be at Sebring at the end of the month.

Bob. I've had a guy question the 1275 full race engine in HP, I'm assuming iys actually an LP engine?

It's a full legal LP engine that only needs flat top pistons to bring the CR up to recent allowed level. It's got the best of everything in it. I'd put a picture of it in here but as usual my pictures are "too large to process". They "process"every where else but here.

Where's it going Bob?
Ironically It's going to a Brit who's family has a Bugeye racing background. Met him at Sebring a couple years ago helping him with a rough Bugeye he'd just purchased. He's been drooling all over my car ever since and finally decided to take the plunge. He's a CFR member so we get to watch it run and run against it with the car we're building now. Should be fun.