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    1992 FP Miata For Sale

    This is a best of the best build!
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    [[ SOLD ]]PBS Transmission Gears and many parts

    It's actually the EGMT which yes is the new Mazda Emco transmission. I put it in the car for Bill and I believe only has a couple of weekends on it.
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    Guy Ruse Racecars and Parts for sale

    I'm posting this on behalf of the gentleman who is handling Guy Ruse's race cars and parts that he is wanting to sell. There is a LOT of stuff on these lists. Contact Dave Caswell at [email protected] for more details and to inquiry about purchasing anything listed. If you knew Guy you know...
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    AIM dash and camera setup

    Just posting for a customer of mine. Complete AIM dash setup with smartycam. ... 1555.l2649
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    Hoosier 235 620/17's For Sale

    I have a pile of great condition tires that are taking up too much room. Hoosier Radials. 235 620/17 These are the tires we use on the EP MX5 on the 17 X 8 wheels. I believe many other cars use these as well, mainly BMW's and newer cars. I can bring them to Road Atlanta or if you buy...
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    Jerico 4 speed RR4 transmission for sale

    For Sale: Jerico RR4 road racing transmission for sale. Ratio's: 1.75/1.39/1.18/1.0 Used lightly. Dog rings still look good. Completely REM treated throughout. Hightower Racing side shift tower assembly for easy transmission tunnel clearance. I have put these into both RX7's and Miata's...
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    STL or EP 89 RX7

    Really nice second gen rx7 for sale. Currently in STL trim but could be changed to EP with some porting on the engine. 2015 June Sprints winner in STL. Electromotive TEC GT ecu. Full custom wiring harness throughout car. 4.86 rear end ratio Advance Design shocks with JRZ single adjustable's...
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    Hallet Majors

    With the Hallet majors event next weekend I can't help but think about my old friend Tom Thrash and our last race there. Enjoy.
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    Heartland Park Last Majors of the year ... -junPldUW4 Last majors event of the year! Can't wait. Looks like HPT is the same gearing as Laguna Seca!
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    EP Runoffs Race

    Just wanted to start a thread for the EP race. I personally had a great week. Not having 3 qual sessions hurt a bit on setup but all in all the new MX5 is coming along. Still need better hp/weight but it's much better. I was amazed at Matt's speed in the race, even though I built the engine...
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    Past National Champion For Hire At 2013 Runoffs

    Do you have a car that you feel just needs a good driver to shine at the runoffs? Are you wanting to sell a great car but just need to get some good advertising done, ie a good runoffs finish, to push it over the edge in value? Are you just interested in putting someone in your car so you can...
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    1.6 Miata Headers

    I have two sets of 1.6 Miata headers for sale. Either would work great for an F Production, IT, or solo car. Set number one is like new with brand new ceramic coating installed. Appears to be a Boig header and collector. $500 Just the ceramic coating is $200 Set number two is used with...
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    MX5 Transmission with Hewland Internals

    I'm selling the transmission out of my MX5 racecar. It is a Barrington Performance Hewland conversion into a stock case. These gears can be used in a Miata, RX7, or late model MX5 5 speed transmission. For a Miata or RX7, a new input shaft from Barrington Performance would have to be sourced...
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    90-93 Drivers Side Miata Mirror

    I know someone out there has parted out an early miata with a white mirror for the drivers side. Anyone got one lying around? jprather 34 at cox dot net
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    1.6 Miata Boig Header

    1.6 Miata Boig Header For Sale: Used for 4 seasons, still in excellent shape. 4 into 1 design, the only header that has won an FP National Championship in a Miata. Comes with Boig collector with O2 bung installed for $400. Comes with Boig collector and custom designed SPD collector for $600...
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    Lola Can Am

    Jackie Stewart's 1971 Lola T-260