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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 3:41 pm 

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kruck wrote:
You're also placing a lot of blind fail in the hands of those who have the more odd-ball cars, as who's gonna say they're wrong? It would be REAL easy for me to present "documentation" and a stock unmodified 62mm throttle body that would convince anyone that's what my car is supposed to have, when no one else actually knows what my car is supposed to have. Too bad for me though that in reality, enough people know it's supposed to be 58mm. :lol:

Kevin only using your response because it's posted. There are as we all know, the rules, the gray area of the rules and cheaters of the rules. To others, there are rules in the tool box, the rules sometimes need to be used for serious breaches.

Each participant shall conduct himself to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship. His actions
shall not prejudice the reputation of the SCCA or the sport of automobile racing. Failure to comply may result
in penalties as specified in Section 7; an official may, in addition, lose his assignment for that event.
Beyond any other offenses or violations of specific rules, each of the following is a breach of the GCR.
2.1.1. Bribing, or attempting to bribe, anyone connected with an event; soliciting, accepting, or offering to
accept a bribe.
2.1.2. Acting to enable a person or car known to be ineligible, not properly entered, or credentialed to participate in an event.
2.1.3. Acting fraudulently or prejudicially to the interests of the SCCA or of the sport of automobile racing.
2.1.4. Driving recklessly or dangerously, anywhere on the track property.
2.1.5. Failing to obey a direction from an official.
2.1.6. Refusing to cooperate with, interfering with, or obstructing the actions of the Chief Steward, the
Stewards of the Meeting (SOM), the Court of Appeals, or other review committees in the performance of their
2.1.7. Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.
2.1.8. Threatening or committing physical violence upon any other participant or spectator.
2.1.9. Possession of firearms is only permitted in compliance with federal and local ordinances and per facility rules and regulations. Firearms are not permitted in competition vehicles while on course.

Have Fun ; )

David Dewhurst
CenDiv Milwaukee Region
F Prod #14

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:40 pm 

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Who among us doesn’t have two or three firearms in our race car at any given time?

Anthony Parker
NER 373024
E-Prod. Wanna-be

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:43 pm 

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Doc says I'm a ticking time bomb... is that the same thing? Pistol stays in the truck- I generally trust the people I race with, but Houston traffic requires all the backup.

Matt Blehm
Houston Region
EP 1st Gen RX7
STU Scion FR-S

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:34 am 

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Matt93SE wrote:
Brett W wrote:
Well the 240 is a scary RWD Nissan product so there is no way even with a 75mm TB it could get enough tire under the fenders to not burn them up in a race at the weight it is required to run. LOL. We'll give them a pass.

Makes me glad I race a Honda product.

My STU car is 2680lbs. (and I weigh ~240). Still has factory glass and bodywork, w/ cheap aftermarket steel hood that weighs 60lb easily. so one could easily get the car under 2600lb. I run 245/40/17 DOTrs on it and the tires are happy even at the end of the race.

Prod rules make it weigh 2600 with stock trans, and you could run the 245 Hoosiers on it without a problem. (BTW there is room to fit 305+ tires under the car with allowed fender flares.)
However, even at the 2600lbs, the factory intake manifold and TB limits that engine to about 210whp so without that 75mm TB, it's not going anywhere fast.

It's not a bad car at all, but there's no way it can keep up with a front running EP car at the current rules. at that weight, the car needs another 50hp to be close.

should have picked the 944 S2...
2.989L 4 cyl, you get .5 more ccs
12.0:1 compression too, not 10.5:1 like the 240.
.500 lift vs .450 of the 240
you get 18x8 or 17x8.5 wheels vs the tiny 15x7 of the 240.
F 11.73vented R 11.7 vented VS F10.12 vented R10.15 solid Brakes

SO you get all that for only having to weigh 75 lbs more than the 240 at 2675 vs 2600.

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