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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:37 am 

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FP Racer wrote:
Perhaps part of the problem is SCCA fails to communicate to lapped drivers what is expected of them. In our short track series, we dictate to the lapped drivers how they will drive when being lapped. If they do not comply, they are warned via their spotter and if they continue to not comply, they are parked. And the normal instruction is for lapped cars to stay to the left (inside). (yeah, we always turn left)

So, for SCCA, the instruction to lapped traffic should be, hold your line and give the car lapping you room. If you tell them to get out of the way, they start to dart all over the place.

And, if a car is so off the pace that they are lapped twice, I would be in favor of a black flag. Their race is done. Of course, I won a race a race at West Palm Beach once after being three laps down, but that was because I pitted to change to rain tires and lost three laps. But, then I turned three laps on rain tires to everyone elses one on slicks. Fun in the rain.

There is a time and place for everything. *Most* of the slower racers around here have done a good job of awareness and trying to move over for the leaders (i.e. when I come by and we're on the same straight, they move off line several seconds before I get there and point me by. no harm, no foul to anyone.). Other times, they move over and slow down in a tight corner trying to stay out of the way-- that just slows us all down since I'm just not going to pass someone in that particular corner at race speed. Thanks for trying, but no..

Last race weekend, I had that issue on saturday where lapped traffic was trying to be nice and move, but it bogged everyone. during driver meeting, I asked CS to remind cars being lapped to hold their line and we'd find a way by in a safe spot. Every single driver seemed to take that instruction to heart and held their lines at the next race. I bottled it up behind one in a corner and lost the overall lead (not a class position) to a guy with more guts who drove around the outside of us both. DOH! At least I didn't lose a class position and got to be the fox instead of the rabbit for the rest of the race.

kruck wrote:
Matt93SE wrote:
... if they can't maintain 115% (that's 18sec/lap at a 2:00 lap, which is pretty significant differential), then they need to be removed from the race....if they do not stand a reasonable chance of a SAFE 115% or faster. (there are some people who are not safe at any speed. others who are safe at 150%...

I think these are all good points. Using my FP 1:36.0 pole time at Mid-Ohio scenario, 115% of that would be 1:50.4, which is 2-3 seconds slower than an ITC car around there, and would absolutely get lapped three times. But a competitor doing exactly that, would be allowed to race during The Runoffs. With that being said, some racers I'd have absolutely zero concern with them being out there in that case, because they have great situational awareness and now how and when to get very clearly out of the way for a second or two. Yet there's other drivers who are going to be running 1:45's or so, get lapped only once or twice, and will be a rolling hazard for everyone, every time. So it's a tough thing to try and mitigate these possible problems purely by lap time.

Kevin, I agree.. it's a tough call between "slow and safe" and "dangerous at any speed". However, my counterpoint is This is the Runoffs- national championship is at stake, not a regional race. Minimum speed standards should be enforced regardless of who is behind the wheel. If you are that far off the pace that you're being lapped 2-3 times, this is not your championship year. PLEASE be courteous to the fast guys and get out of the way- just for today. And by 'get out of the way', I mean 'get off the track and let the fast guys have an unencumbered race'.

Matt Blehm
Houston Region
EP 1st Gen RX7
STU Nissan 240SX

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