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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2018 2:37 pm 

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GTL Toyota Tercel # 92 Kyle Disque

$35k with all spares. Disquek at yahoo dot com. 215-85O-1517

Picture gallery ... Cb9qtW3qZb

Can be ready for delivery for May Delivery.

Robinson Racing/Trivette Chassis.
Built by EJ Trivette. Updated by Barry. Further updated by Chris Howard and myself.
Robinson/Trivette fabricated uprights, LCAs, and UCAs. All new in 2016. Barry has jigs for everything.
Uses rear Speedway Mini Stock snouts for front spindles. Super stout/strong.
Lotus link rear. Fabricated LCAs and Diff bracket.
All rod ends are Aurora high strength 3pc Teflon lined. All fronts new in 2016. All rears brand new.
All four hubs are Speedway Ministock rear hubs. New in 2010.
Custom wheel bearing race spacer shim setup.
Makes weight with 230lb driver plus 54lbs of ballast. Will make weight with 284lb driver!

Toyota 4AC engines - Both the same - minor porting differences
Full build sheets going back 5-6 years.
Engine in the car has two weekends on it. The spare is so fresh that it's still at the engine builders shop (it's done - I just need to pick it up)
Originally built by JB Racing in Florida. Further developed by Dennis Shaw of Race Sports. Currently developed/maintained by Dave Auerbach.
JE Pistons
Carrilo Rods with SPS/Carr bolts
Steel TRD Atlantic Cranks
Ferrea Titainium Valves
PSI max life valve springs - these last forever
Custom header - Jet hot coated - each motor has it's own header
Dry Sump with 2 stage Cosworth pump - each motor has it's own pan and pump.
Custom intake - Jet hot coated - Each motor has it's own intake.
Electromotive Tec-GT ECU - New 2016. Fully sequential. Tuned alpha-n (TPS). Runs perfectly. Fuel trim pot. Barro compensation.
Both motors have full set of sensors each.
Jenvey ITBs - Weber repalcement size - custom heat sheilds - New 2016
Bosch ev-14 injectors with Bosch Motorsports custom filters - New 2016
Aeromotive FPR and filter. Deatchwerks fuel pump. ATL Black box trap door in cell. - New 2016

Houseman "Black Box" T50 Toyota case gearboxes
Both gearboxes are identical except one has slightly thinner gears and the 3rd gear ratio is very slightly different.
The one in the car has a two seasons on it (never had any trouble with these). The spare is fresh.
All of Jamie's tricks. Fully REM'd. All gears have roller bearings. Shift rod stops. Oilite shifter cups. Etc.
Straight cut.
Ultra close ratio.
Dog engagement.
Dog leg pattern.
Four on track gears and pit gear.
Super easy to service split case. But they almost never need servicing.
Custom lightened by JB Racing QuarterMaster billet steel flywheel - each motor has it's own flywheel. New 2017.
Quatermaster clutch 7 1/4" single. New in 2017
Custom drive shaft yoke - No welding - Very strong.

Speedway Mini QuickChange
Fresh - just rebuilt by C&R
1/32 toe in and .4 deg camber - Just reset/checked by C&R.
Varilock clutch style diff. Fresh from Richard Pare at Varilock.
Gun drilled axles
All parts REM'd except spool case.
Mechanical pump driven off rear cover - Oil cooler - ducted through rear bumper cover

Ohlins TT44
Four way adjustable
Optional poppet blow off valve setup (4th way)
Built and maintained by Alan O'Leary.
Rears fresh. Fronts rebuilt in 2017.

Outlaw 4000 Calipers
Coleman Rotors - rears fresh - Front new 2017.
PFC Pads
Tilton Masters

Data System
Race Technology DL1 Club and Dash2
Includes all data from 9+ years. Including lap records from: WGI, Mid Ohio, Pocono, Pittsburg, Loudon, etc. This is priceless.
Very well sorted. Works flawlessly. Has predictive lap timing. 1khz option. Video integration option.
Sensors: F&R Brake pressure, Steering position, speed sensors on all wheels, shock position on all wheels,
ambient air temp, AFR, oil temp, oil pressure, diff temp, fuel pressure.
Fully integrated with ECU via CAN bus. Logs all ECU paramaters. TPS, RPM, inj pulse, timing, coolant temp, intake temp, etc.
Lifetime support from me.

Preston/Theus Tercel body
Modified F&R flares to reduce flare width behind wheel wells
Custom cowl cover
Kevlar lightweight hood
Steel roof
Shields Lexan windshield - Anti fog coated
Polystrand (like Tegris) spliter
Mallen Alley wing. Trick setup so you dont have to remove wing to get into trunk.
Rear wheel arches
Rear undertray
Stainless grill

Notebook with everything done to the car for the last nine years. Tons of specs, part numbers, etc. Setup sheets. Maintainace, etc.
12 custom Jongbloed 3pc wheels. New in 2017. All have less than two sessions on them.
New Hoosier H2O rains (scuffed) on 6" Panasport wheels
Fuel cell bladder and aluminum can - new in 2016. ATL Pro-Cell.
Kirkey Road Race Intermediate seat 16"
Right side net
Schroth Enduro harness - Expires after 2018
Custom air inlet which uses a standard panel filter - Custom K&N racing high flow (not parts store K&N) filter.
Tilton 600 pedal rack - new 2014 - Remote bias adjuster
The Driveshaft Shoppe - Custom 3" aluminum driveshaft - Brand new
C&R Scirocco radiator - New 2016
Moroso expansion tank with two bleeds and return setup.
Oil cooler - Setrab
Canton billett canister 8 micron oil filter
Patterson dry sump tank with pre-heater
Cool suit cooler setup.
10# halon push fire system
Defogger blower setup - easily removable.
Well sorted catch can setup - Never fills or even collects anything.
Standard group 75 battery. You can run a group 78 for more capacity if you pull some ballast. I never needed it.
I'd make that change the next time it needs to be replaced. The battery is right next to ballast and you can't
have too much battery. Total loss system.
Custom windshield wiper setup.
Diff preload checking tools
Ohlins shock pressure tool

Spare motor - Full tilt.
Spare gearbox - Full tilt.
Spare set of brake pads and rotors for all four corners - new.
Spare calipers - New set of fronts. Used set of fronts. Used set of rears. Tons of seals, pistons, etc.
Lots of spare masters and rebuild kits. Good used
Spare brake hoses - new
Spare hubs - good used
Spare driveplates - one new, one very good used. Also front hubs use rear driveplates as spacers and they're new.
Spare clutches (at least two complete - and lots more parts) - rebuilt covers - new discs
Spare upright (right) - good used
Spare control arm tubes (one of each) - new
Spare tie rod tube - good used
Spare rod ends (lots) - good used
Spare bodywork. Some new. Some serviceable. No junk. Both fenders. Hood. Nose. Undertray. Tail lights.
Spare new Shields Lexan windshield
Spare throttle cables x 2 - good used
Spare oil cooler - used - no engine failures
Spares for all ECU sensors - new.
Spares for all ECU connectors - new.
Spare fuel pump - new
Spare coil set - new
Spare injector - new
Spare master switch - good used.
Spare filters for oil, air, and fuel. Multiples of each. New.
On track 5th gear pair - will require some other parts from Jamie to convert to 5 on track gears. Good used.
Many sets of quickchange gears. Most are B&J light weight. Some are REM'd Winters. Enough B&J for all tracks.
Many spare gaskets/seals for motor - head, etc
Many spare gaskets/seals for gearbox
Many spare gaskets/seals for rear axle
Many spare bearings for trans - new and used
Several disassembled stock transmissions
Several (4+) stock used heads.
Stock 7 rib (heavy duty) block
Spare good used ignition wires + 1 new
Spare water pump - new
Thicker and thinner sway bars for F&R
Several sets of springs
Spare shock canister seals
Spare diff yoke - new
Spare Ujoint - new
Two spare flywheels in "get you through the weekend" condition.

Tons of misc spares. Rocker arms, Shift levers, drive shaft yoke, yada yada yada - nine years worth!

Re-reading the spares list, I missed so many items. Oil coolers, etc. I made the list from memory. There are LOTS more parts.

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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2018 3:20 pm 

Joined: Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:08 am
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To show it’s not just a pretty face, here are the tracks it has the lap records at:

- Mid Ohio. Both configurations. Runoffs and majors records. Runoffs qualifying.
- Watkins Glen long course
- NJMP Thunderbolt
- Pitt Race long course
- Pocono
- New Hampshire
- PBIR (not mine)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:25 am 

Joined: Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:08 am
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Location: Philly

Thanks Everyone.

 Post subject: GTL Toyota Tercel # 93
PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:19 am 

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Car is for sale again (by me).
Why you ask? Many reasons including the big one of I own too many race cars.
Ran 3 weekends & the Runoffs. 3 weekend wins & 6th at Runoffs, Northern Conf GTL Champ: By a senior citizen on Social Security!
Spares listen by Kyle are intact & actually a bit greater. Spare engine is untouched. Spare trans has been updated (Houseman) to short track gears (long track 1 & 2 are in spares) and has Runoffs week use. 3 sets of almost new tires (bias) on Jongbloeds from Runoffs (2 @ 2 heats, 1 @ 1 heat). Awesome radial rains on 4th set of rims.
This is a no excuses car. Faster than me!
$35,000. Which is about 1/3 the cost of building it new + spares.
Bill. 414-732-773six. Central Missouri (not WI).

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:38 pm 
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This is a runoffs winner in the right hands. if anyone is one the fence this is the car to have at VIR.

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