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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:17 am 
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GT6 wrote:
Blaming things on tech does not fly.

I'm not blaming tech for the construction of this cage. I will, however, blame them for allowing this to slide through the system.

One assumes that if a logbook has "cage OK" written in it, that the car is kosher. But in my case, that wasn't true. Truth be told, I bought this car as a parts car so I was never interested in it as a racer. I knew its owner and I had sold him many parts over the years and offered advice where I could. He's a nice fellow. Whether it was him or a previous owner who did this, I do not know.....nor does it matter. The club was lucky in that another person did not buy the car and want to race it.

Once I knew what was what behind the dash and under the cowl, I had a conversation with the Tech Chief so he knew the details. It was his name on the annuals and he felt a lot of contrition.

I've worn a lot of hats in my time with the SCCA (Flagger, Grid worker, Sound worker, Race Chair, Asst RE, Comp Manager, regional and divisional webmaster, etc.) so I understand the volunteer aspect of this club. But each of those positions came with responsibility (some more than others). Just because someone is a volunteer doesn't mean they can neglect their duties.

BTW, you'll notice that in all of this I have not named any of the players in this fiasco. The situation has been resolved and nobody needs to be castigated after the fact.


Dayle Frame (259138)
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:18 am 

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Dayle, my comments are not directed at you. I will use your written words and those of others simply to illustrate my points.

Thank you for your work in the SCCA to help put on events. I wish more drivers would do as you have done. I think it would make this a better club.

Show me where in the GCR, supps, or event registration form that it says tech (or the SCCA) is responsible for bringing as safe car that is GCR compliant to the race track, or putting that car on the track.

Dayle Frame wrote:
The club was lucky in that another person did not buy the car and want to race it.

This statement and another about a wife owning lots of houses makes me think there is some confusion about this important topic.

These documents DO say that this responsibility lies with the driver, and as I've said many times in tech and on this forum before, the drivers are signing that they agree with this when they enter an event.

I would have thought that auto racing would have been one of the last bastions of personal responsibility, a place, and in our case a hobby, where people didn't point the blame finger at everyone other than themselves.

There are ways to make sure you have a safe and compliant car
1. Learn what is safe, learn the rules, and learn how to apply both.
2. Get trusted personal friends who know what they are doing to look the car over. (this may take days and involve lots of disassembly)
3. Hire a race shop that knows this game to make sure the car is safe and compliant.
4. Drastically increase our dues/entry fees so that we can afford to hire professional scrutineers so that we can put the responsibility of a safe and compliant car on their shoulders.

I don't feel there is any need for resignation or an "alas" attitude here. It's your club, if you see that a specialty needs improvement, even if it's with your presence only, get involved.
I'm sure that all of the specialties could be helped with more driver's perspective, and I'm sure that drivers could be helped with more perspective on what it takes to put on a race.

If you're at a race where I'm chief of tech, and you find something that is non-compliant after I sign off the car, DO NOT expect contrition. DO expect my respect for you to decrease.
I'll put it another way. Don't put me in a position where there is something to miss on your car.

Anthony Parker
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:10 am 

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It's not a race car but my son and I are rebuilding an '84 Rabbit GTI. The front intermediate shaft bearing shell (equivalent to a cam bearing on a pushrod engine) was installed 30 degrees out of position. Oil feed holes didn't line up at all. Amazingly it seems to have run that way without significant damage or excess wear.

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