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PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 4:07 am 
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There's no way I'm risking my car in a race for effectively nothing, like two days before the race for everything. I can't imagine trying to do three cars. I tried two for one season, and thought that was too much work. :lol:

Also, the idea of "half the classes have en event Sunday through Wednesday and the other has an event Thursday through Sunday" was done in....2012 I think? It sucked. The paddock was half filled at all times, yet rigs never stopped coming and going and jamming up everything all the time, you miss half the races, and it basically just felt like two typical "Nationals" back-to-back. I didn't even show up that year until Wednesday, after several champions had been crowned. A friend had already won his championship and left, before I even got there. That's not The Runoffs.

I don't have any problem with the criteria to become eligible for The Runoffs, because that's where we are nowadays. People who are interested in cars/racing at all, and have the financial means and time available to do it, are dwindling. The cost of putting on these events isn't getting cheaper. So yeah, you need to make it more accessible to those who have any decent amount of interest in it, so we actually have full'ish fields, and don't have $3k entry fees. But I'll agree with the same point that Ron made, is that despite that, the event still should be designed for what it is and the people who are seriously going after that, which is a true National Championship. Don't dwindle it down to a blurred line between any old standard event, and something truly unique and special. It is the one week a year that immediately gets put into my work schedule, and everything else gets planned around. It's both "the big one", and "that one week a year that I get to hang out with ALL my racing friends doing stupid racing stuff".


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PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 5:23 am 

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kevin. youre right the 2012 schedule wasnt well received by many but was in some ways the best answer of all IMO, and i'll tell you why. it shortened the event to 4 days (3 days for some!) if that was what you wanted and that had the potential to draw in drivers who have never had the opportunity because of the time commitment. that was a meaningful reduction in time compared to the 1 day savings we argue about these days. But most of all it was best because it gave you the driver the power of choice. you could do the minimum or you could choose to come early or stay late if that was a priority for you. if you had a buddy in an early or late race you could choose to be there. was it a perfect answer... no, there are none, but it did at least empower people. that said, its dead and buried.

times are changing. when i first got the invitation to the runoffs (yes im old enough that i remember when you had to be invited!) the paddock was almost full till the very end. nowadays its a ghost town by sunday, maybe even saturday afternoon. we all live busy lives and are self-focused... understandably.

i get both sides of the argument. ive been on the purist side that ron speaks from. was a card carrying member! still am in many ways. but..... from a business aspect we also have to make it a friendly event for the younger drivers in order to ensure its future.

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2019 10:17 am 

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With about everyone really interested in the Runoffs attending VIR, on the post event survey ask the question did the three days of qualifying vs the four days really make any difference in attending. Simply put, was three days of qualifying the one thing that made you decide to enter? And had it been four days, would you still have entered?

Want to bet on the results?

And yes both Mike and Kevin are correct about the split Runoffs. It was a disaster to work on the tech side. We had to have driver check in open for over a week. Some tech folks had nothing to do part of the week. I believe tech would have revolted had that plan stayed. But, I really have to agree with Ron and Kevin. The Runoffs is the biggest happening in road racing. It's that chance for everyone to get together, trade stories, tell tall tales and have some fun with our stupid hobby.

As for a stupid hobby, for years my parents thought it was crazy that I was racing cars. Then, they saw me on TV Saturday night doing an interview at the Chimney Rock Hillclimb and they showed up the next day to cheer me on up the mountain. And I won! Probably the best day of racing I ever had.

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